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Pre-deploy job

Often, it's necessary to run a job before starting our services to perform tasks like database migration, running required scripts, or populating secrets. Now, with Kapstan, you can provision such jobs using the Pre-deploy job feature. Simply add a pre-deploy job for an application, and it will execute every time before the main application starts.

Pre-deploy job

We're excited to unveil recent enhancements to our platform: support for multiple architecture types and surrounding logs visibility.

Support for AMD64/x86-64

Applications often require deployment on specific architectures, with arm64 and amd64 being among the most prevalent. Kapstan now facilitates deployment across multiple architecture types, allowing you to select the architecture that best suits your application's needs.

Creating a new environment in Kapstan has become even more awesome with environment types. You can now create a new environment from scratch either of the Staging or Production type.

We're excited to announce the latest enhancements and new features rolled out on our platform over the last sprint.

Introducing Cron applications

Managing scheduled tasks such as cleanup operations and daily processes is now simpler than ever with Kapstan. Say hello to Cron applications, Kapstan's latest offering. This new feature allows you to effortlessly schedule and execute your routine jobs, ensuring operations run smoothly and efficiently.

We're thrilled to share some fantastic updates and new features.


Introducing effortless Queue setup in Kapstan with just a few clicks! Whether you prefer NATS or Kafka, Kapstan has got you covered. Furthermore, enhance your reliability with the cluster mode support.

Welcome to Kapstan changelog. We are excited to communicate latest product & company updates with our community.

You can now check your cloud spend broken down by the Kapstan resources within the platform. Go to the cost section to check it in action.